Kathy & Jim Sawada Toronto, Canada

Serving Platter - Cherry with Zebrawood & Quilted Maple Accents


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Add a unique ambiance to your dining and entertaining experience with this artistic, handcrafted exotic wood small serving tray. Imagine sandwiches, charcuterie, cheeses, sushi, hors d'œuvres or crudités presented on this one of a kind exotic wood platter. Treat yourself...or someone special. Whatever the occasion, this elegant tray makes a great gift.

Bands of Zebrawood and Quilted Maple accent the deep, rich colour of the Cherry. Maple and black veneer accentuate and define those bands. The setting tops off with a handmade wood knife. Actual knifes may vary. Shown is one made from Zebrawood.

The bottom edges of the platter are deeply concaved to give a floating effect to the setting, and to provide a discrete finger lift. While the tray has heft, the overall look is both elegant and delicate.

Except for the black veneer, no stains or dyes have been used. The rich colours that you see are the natural colours of the finished woods.


Cherry with accents of Zebrawood, and Quilted Maple

Very finely sanded, then finished with a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. Buffed to a low lustre sheen.

Serving platter:          9 1/2"  x  5 1/2"  x 7/8"

Woods are bonded with waterproof glue; but, do not leave immersed in water. Rinse with soap and water. Dry immediately. Periodically retreat platter with mineral oil.