Kathy & Jim Sawada Toronto, Canada


Free-form sculptured boxes by Kathy Sawada, Toronto, Canada
Leah and Boo


Free-form sculptured boxes by Kathy Sawada, Toronto, Canada
Part Of My Heart


Free-form sculptured boxes by Kathy Sawada, Toronto, Canada


Making wooden boxes came as a complete surprise to me. I have always loved and collected them, but considered wood a hard and angular medium - much like glass, which I attempted and discarded. Fabric was always my medium for artistic expression. My husband, Jim, was always the woodworker. He had made some beautiful boxes for me.

Then I found a book that explained the techniques for making wood boxes with a bandsaw, and was entirely intrigued that a box could be fashioned in such a way. So, I bought the book for Jim. He wasn't nearly as excited as I was.

At the time the bandsaw was not a tool with which I was familiar; but I did know my way around the scroll saw. I started making tiny boxes using the bandsaw techniques. They were ridiculous little things ... but I was hooked! It was an easy step up to the bandsaw.

While I was delighted to learn the 'how' of making the boxes, I was not impressed with the examples. When I started to design my own works, I wanted each piece to be meaningful, to evoke a positive feeling or pleasant memory.

Making a box that is both fanciful and functional poses interesting challenges, in design and in execution. Matching the shape with the wood is always an exercise in patience and imagination.

At times, the spirit of the wood, its grain and organic anomalies influence and inspire the shape of the box. Other times, the shape is the inspiration and a glorious piece of wood must be found to fit the vision. Often, there is the balancing of both forces.>

The woods of choice have been pine and butternut. Pine has such beautiful knots, streaks, and grains. Butternut has a lovely warmth and friendliness.

All of these bandsaw boxes are my original designs, individually handcrafted by me. All boxes are treated with a natural or tinted penetrating resin, and then finished with a three-stage wax process, the final stage being carnuba.  The resultant finish is smooth, durable, and appealing.

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