Kathy & Jim Sawada Toronto, Canada


Busta Box by Kathy & Jim Sawada, Toronto, Canada  
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Busta Box by Kathy & Jim Sawada, Toronto, Canada


Busta Box by Kathy & Jim Sawada, Toronto, Canada

Busta box? What's that, we wondered. 

It's where the wedding guests deposit their gift envelopes, we quickly learned.

This was certainly an out of the ordinary project for us.....but a fun one!

The box needed to be lockable, but discretely so. The bride & groom's logo and names, as they appeared on the wedding invitations, needed to be on the busta box. And, a slot for the envelopes needed to be incorporated into the design.

It took our combined talents to bring this dream to fruition. Jim's computer savy allowed us to replicate the logo and fonts used. The logos on the busta box were printed on adhesive stock for us by a local print shop from digital layouts provided by Jim. Kathy's talents took care of the painting of the names. 

Notice how the slot for the envelopes was incorporated into the centre of the logo on the top.

But, how do you make a lock discrete? Hide it under a small logo during the wedding reception. Afterwards, remove the logo, affix the matched escutcheon plate, and one has an appealing memory box.